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Shear Connections in Composite Flexural Members of Steel and Concrete

Image Cena: 49 EUR/15%sleva CAOK Czk

A detailed classification of shear connections in this document is based on their shear-slip properties, which allows for consideration of hardening, plastic and softening connection types.


Autor: Matti V. Leskelä
ISBN 978-92-9147-137-9

Design of Steel Structures for Buildings in Seismic Areas

Image Cena: 66 EUR/15%sleva CAOK Czk

The book deals with the seismic design of steel structures based on EN 1998-1 (2004). It contains the essentials of theoretical background of seismic engineering, design requirements and detailing rules for building applications with calculation examples.


Autor: Raffaele Landolfo, Federico Mazzolani, Dan Dubina, Luís Simões da Silva and Mario D'Aniello
ISBN 978-92-9147-138-6

Fatigue Design of Steel and Composite Structures - 2nd Edition

Image Cena: 52EUR/15%sleva CAOK Czk

It explains all issues related to the subject: Basis of fatigue design, reliability and various verification formats, determination of stresses and stress ranges, fatigue strength, application range and limitations. It contains detailed examples.


Autor: Alain Nussbaumer, Luís Borges and Laurence Davaine
ISBN 978-92-9147-139-3

Design of Steel Structures - 2nd Edition

Image Cena: 66 EUR/15%sleva CAOK Czk

This book details the fundamental concepts of Eurocode 3, Part 1-1: General rules and rules for buildings and their practical application. This 2nd edition incorporates new material on torsion of steel members and additional design exemples.


Autor: Luís Simões da Silva, Rui Simões and Helena Gervásio
ISBN 978-92-9147-134-8


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