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Membrane Action of Composite Structures in Case of Fire

Image Cena: 49 EUR/sleva 15%ČAOK Czk

This book will explain and illustrate how the development of tensile membrane action can occur in composite steel framed buildings.


Autor: Olivier Vassart and Bin Zhao
ISBN 978-92-9147-113-3

Preliminary European Recommendations for the Design of Sandwich Panels with Openings - A state of the art report

Image Cena: 49 EUR/sleva 15%ČAOK Czk

This report introduces technical information such as calculation models and experimental arrangements concerning the influence of the openings as well as useful practical directions based on the experience and guidance from companies.


Autor: by TWG 7.9 and CIB Working Commission W056
ISBN 978-92-9147-117-1

European Recommendations on the Stabilization of Steel Structures by Sandwich Panels

Image Cena: 49 EUR/sleva 15%ČAOK Czk

This document gives information about the use of sandwich panels as stabilizing elements for single steel members such as beams or columns. The document extends the application range of sandwich panels to construction class II according to EN 1993-1-3.


Autor: John Michael Rotter and Herbert Schmidt (Eds.)
ISBN 978-92-9147-118-8

Design of Cold-formed Steel Structures

Image Cena: 70 EUR/sleva 15%ČAOK Czk

The book covers the design of cold-formed steel structures in building based on the Eurocode 3 package, particularly on EN 1993-1-3. For this purpose, the book contains the essentials of the theoretical background and design rules.


Autor: Dan Dubina, Viorel Ungureanu and Raffaele Landolfo
ISBN 978-92-9147-107-2


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